The perfect coffee experience for all kinds of events

Whether it’s birthday parties, baptism or any other family event – our Mobile Coffee Bar creates a perfect atmosphere for the perfect day with its nostalgic look and the delicious smell of freshly ground coffee beans in the air!

The Mobile Coffee Bar offers a wide range of products across ages/ profiles of guests, and can, therefore be part of different private events. Since we’re not dependent on electricity or water supplies, we’re able to treat your guests in any location: this could be outdoors at the roofing ceremony, your silver wedding at home or at a big birthday party in the garden. Feel free to send an inquiry here or just give us a call.

You may use this a pricing guide:

  • Coffee Bike rental, including one barista: 75,00 €/hour
  • Transportation expenses, per kilometer: 0,30 €
  • Service fee (set-up, de-mounting and clean up a venue: 80,00 € (per day)
  • Cost of beverages: 0,90 € (first 50 beverages included, if booked for more than 5 hours)
  • Second barista (recommended for events with more than 75 people): 25,00 € / hour

Optional: we can provide finger /light foods, bakery items and snacks. We can also provide additional beverage variations like coffee specials, coffee cocktails, cold beverages or serve in porcelain tableware.


All prices excluding VAT.